Seventh architectural design Institute


Last updated at 12:01AM, April 9 2015 David Cameron will challenge Ed Miliband today to match a commitment to replace all four of Britain’s nuclear submarines as the Tories mount their most personal attack so far on the Labour leader. Michael Fallon, the Conservative defence secretary, says in an article in The Times today that Mr Miliband is “playing fast and loose” over Britain’s nuclear deterrent, claiming that Labour would trade in Trident for SNP support. He then becomes personal, accusing the Labour leader of “weakness” and a “lust for power” and making comparisons with Mr Miliband’s alleged betrayal of his brother, David, the former foreign secretary. “Ed Miliband stabbed his own brother in the back to become Labour leader. Now he is willing to stab the United Kingdom in the back to become prime minister,” Mr Fallon writes. Such an attack on the Labour leader’s character will inflame tempers in an already heated campaign.…

Seventh architectural design Institute全家福


職       務:The seventh \ company Vice President, Dean of architectural design architects

職       稱:Professor level senior engineer

注冊情況:Professor level senior engineer


從業格言:Love as life's work, I look forward to each and every Colleagues in the design work of perfect goodness, beauty and truth.

Zhang Zijun

職       務:The seventh Vice President of the architectural design of General party branch Secretary of \

職       稱:Senior Engineer

注冊情況:Senior Engineer


從業格言:Give a man a entertainment (happy), fishing (pay), fish (skill), encounter (opportunities), Fitch (honoris causa), stupid (truly), desire (goal), Yu (vision), the team will have bigger, stronger, and